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Contact Person: R. Gary Griffin


Phone: 978-422-3344 x12

Gary's Cell: 978-514-3193

Choose your future home site at Runaway Brook

Located in the scenic North Central Worcester County towns of Sterling and Lancaster, Runaway Brook offers you six exceptional and dramatic neighborhoods created on 148 acres of wooded hillsides and open fields. The 35 new sites of 2 to 8 acres are carefully planned with sensitivity to the natural landscape and scenic features that will make each new home unique.

At Runaway Brook they believe that the common goal should be to fit your home to the land in a way that compliments your life and meets your priorities. As your specific needs of space and character are determined they will help you create your Custom Connor Home on the perfectly suited site.

You are choosing to build in a carefully planned community for positive reasons including property value and views. There are guidelines in place to insure that every home built is in harmony with nature and its neighbors and planned to preserve the character of the areas enjoyed by all.

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